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Winnipeg and the Prairies: Tuesday July 14th

About 6AM we stopped at Winnipeg. Eufron went out and bought coffees and cokes.

When we were dressed we had about 2 minutes walk along the platform and then waited in the diner for breakfast.
For most of the day we were travelling across the prairies, which were not as flat as we had been led to believe. It was all very green, and seemed almost unpopulated. The train ride was much smoother today: far less rolling from side to side.

We were in Saskatoon for supper and noted the fences as described in "The Dog That Wouldn't Be".

At Bigger we put the clocks back and put the children to bed! There was a small fan to circulate the air in the bedroom. Peter had a comment: "The fan must have wires to run it - or does it use the rails?"

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image A028_01
Winnipeg station platform. The Panorama, though a new service, used some older cars. "Air conditioning" was by ice that was put on board. In this photo, the platform crew is throwing blocks of ice up to the man on the ladder. There's one block of ice in motion.
Photo A028_01
image A028_04
Eufron, Peter & Sian in dining car, looking out at Saskatoon.
Photo A028_04
image A028_06
Peter & Sian on platform at Biggar, Sask. 8 p.m. Central time, 7 p.m. Mountain time. The trains ran on Standard time, year round, since going to Daylight Saving time or not, and when, was a local option. The only way timetables could remain sane was to use Standard Time.
Photo A028_06

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