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Across Canada - by train

12 July 1964 - 25 July 1964

One thing that had never arisen in our discussions before we were married was that Eufron and I, although growing up in Britain,  each had something we wanted to do in Canada. Hers was to visit the White Pass and see the route that the Gold Rush trekkers had taken. Mine was to take the train through the Rockies. I got my wish first.

Once we'd moved into our new house, we began saving for a cross-Canada train trip. We pre-paid everything, bus tours included, so that we wouldn't be tempted to skimp on any side-trips en route. Peter and Siān, aged 6 and 4½, came with us. We felt that Colin, at 7 months, was too young to take on such a trip, so he stayed with our friends - and was treated royally and thoroughly spoiled.

The vacation had to be taken at the time of the annual plant shutdown where I was employed, and when we started planning, this seemed to be a problem as the trains appeared to be booked up. However, CN introduced another transcontinental train that year, making three CN transcontinentals each day from Montreal with two of them going  to Vancouver. There were also CP trains, but we were able to get a bedroom on CN's "Panorama".

The Panorama service was so new that brochures and booklets about the train had not been printed. Literature for the Supercontinental was distributed, with the explanatory flyer.

I had not at that time returned to my habit of taking many indiscriminate photos of train subjects, so most of the shots were of scenery or family. Many of these are not shown here: but I've posted most of the railway-related photos.


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