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Setting Off

We boarded Canadian National's train no. 9, the "Panorama", and left Montreal, Central Station, on Sunday 12 July 1964 at 11:15pm EDT. We had bedroom "A" with an upper and a lower bunk bed. Our original intention had been to have one adult and one child in each bunk, but Peter and Siān immediately climbed up the ladder to the top bunk, leaving Eufron and Dewi to squeeze into the lower bunk. This was no problem except in the middle of the night when the blankets got pulled one way or the other, leaving one's back to come into contact with the cold steel bedroom wall.

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image A027_03
CN's "Panorama" transcontinental train: Peter & Sian preparing for bed, somewhere near Nakina, Ontario.
Photo A027_03


Across Ontario: Monday July 13th.

We were due to arrive in Ottawa 2 hours and 10 minutes later, at 12:25am Standard Time, 1:25am EDT. However, we were all soundly asleep.

The next morning we were in Capreol just after breakfast, but it was pouring with rain so we did not go out to see the Toronto part of the train being joined on.

All our meals were in the dining car: full service, white tablecloths, the works. We had a full breakfast: Mixed fruit juice, cereal, bacon & egg, toast and marmalade. Then Siān unpacked her doll and played with it. She carried it in a basket that Eufron had lined with quilted material.

Part way through the morning, the stewards took all the children to one end of the lounge car and played games and supervised them, so that the adults could have morning coffee! Life revolved around meals. Back to the dining car for lunch.  Part way through the afternoon we got to Hornepayne, where we got out and walked around the station and watched the front of the train being washed.

The scenery today was trees, trees, trees, and lakes. Ontario stretches for a very long way: it seems to go on for ever.

image A027_08
CN's "Panorama": Sian in dining car
Photo A027_08
image A027_10
CN's "Panorama": Eufron and Sian in lounge car
Photo A027_10
image A027_01
Hornepayne, Ontario: CN's "Panorama" train is being washed.
Photo A027_01 on 13/07/1964
image A027_02
Hornepayne, Ontario: CN's "Panorama" train is being washed, watched by Peter.
Photo A027_02 on 13/07/1964

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