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At 6AM we arrived at Jasper. We all got out - and promptly re-boarded and got our coats.

We walked up to the front of the train and saw two extra headlights being mounted on the front. At that time, trains only had one big headlight, pointing straight forward. We were told that these added lights were ditch lights, to look for fallen rocks as we went through the mountains. During this stop, the dome car was added to the train.

The Rockies

We very soon re-boarded and had breakfast, and then went to the dome car. There was a photo stop at Mount Robson, where  Peter and Dewi got out for two minutes - after which we needed a short rest. Somewhere in the mountains there was another stop, and we seemed to be there for a long time. The steward told us "The cook has run off into the trees, and the dining car staff are chasing him". How true this was, we never knew!

After lunch and another nap we were in time to see the North Thompson river, spending the whole afternoon in the dome car. We went to supper and then straight back up to the observation car - up into the roof of the train as Peter put it. We noted the dry belt we were going through - no vegetation but sage-brush.

We should have arrived in Vancouver at 9:30pm but the train was about an hour late. The transfers to the hotel had been arranged, but it took ages to check in. We were all tired.

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image A028_07
Peter & Sian on the platform at 6 a.m. in Jasper. "Ditch" lights have just been put on the locomotive, in addition to the usual one big headlight. The dome car has just been added to the train.
Photo A028_07
image A028_08
Peter & Sian in the dome car. Dome cars were a novelty, especially to people like us from the east.
Photo A028_08
image A028_10
Peter & Sian in the lounge, which was downstairs in the dome car.
Photo A028_10 
image A028_11
Eufron & Peter at the cafeteria counter.
Photo A028_11
image A028_12
Eufron & Sian in back in the dome car.
Photo A028_12 
image A029_04
CN's "Panorama" rossing river, seen from rear of train.
Photo A029_04 
image a029_08
Hell's Gate, seen from window of dining car. This is where part of the mountain fell into the river while the railway (the CPR, I think) was being built.
Photo a029_08 

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