Paris: Gare d'Orléans

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The electric trains here used overhead current supply, 1500V DC.

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_1_1

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_1_3

Driving trailer car on suburban train. The rodding used to control switch points is visible to the left of the train.

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_1_4

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_1_5

Locomotive 2D2 - 5542.

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_1_6

B-B steeple-cab loco.

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_2_2

Although this loco has a very Swiss appearance, it is in fact a 2D2 of the SNCF.

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_2_3

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_2_4

[Gare d'Orléans] n15_2_5

[Gare d'Orléans] c0002

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