Paris: Gare St. Lazare

Dewi Williams

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The electric trains here picked up current from a third rail, but current collector shoes ran on the under surface of the conductor rail, whose top surface was covered by a wooden guard.

[Gare St. Lazare] n17_1_1

[Gare St. Lazare] n17_1_2

[Gare St. Lazare] n17_1_3

The following photos were taken on Dufaycolor, an additive process in which pictures are built up of red, green and blue dots (sound familiar?).

Double-deck train (a novelty to me, at that time).

[Gare St. Lazare] c0005

[Gare St. Lazare] c0006

[Gare St. Lazare] c0009

[Gare St. Lazare] c0010

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