Paris: Porte de Maillot

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Also known as "Porte Maillot".

The railway is a suburban line, running out of the Gare St. Lazare. It runs in a cutting, or ditch, along a boulevard: it uses under-running third rail for power.

[Porte de Maillot] n16_6_4

[Porte de Maillot] n16_6_3

[Porte de Maillot] n16_6_1

[Porte de Maillot] n16_6_2

[Porte de Maillot] n16_6_5

This photo shows a section gap, which has an insulating spacer so that the pick-up shoe can ride smoothly across the gap.

[Porte de Maillot] n16_5_6

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