Liverpool Overhead Railway: Car Shed

Dewi Williams

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There was only one depot on the system. This was at the northern end of the line, near the junction with the main-line railway (in 1954, it was British Railways, London Midland Region).

This photo shows two un-rebuilt trains at the sheds.

[Car Shed] n32_3_3

Another view of the un-rebuilt car partially in the shed. The "3" on the side of that car indicated "3rd class section"; there was no 2nd class at that time.

[Car Shed] n32_3_1

The previous photo was taken from the platform at Seaforth. From the other endof the platform you could look north over the only part ofthe track on an embankment rather than on a viaduct. This lead to the junction with BR.

[Seaforth] n32_3_2

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