The Liverpool Overhead Railway

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Date/Time: August, 1954.

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The LiverpoolOverhead Railway ran the whole length of the dock area of Liverpool. It owed a lot to the New York "Elevated", but it was designed from the start as an electric line, using conductor rails for power and having light-weight cars.

Eventually, the steel decking and superstructure needed replacement. At the same time, employment in the dock area was decreasing, and airplanes were starting to take over from ocean liners as the medium of long-distance travel. The cost of refurbishment was thought to be too high, and so the line closed and was dismantled. The following picture shows the letter warning of impending closure of the line (courtesy of Alfred Lewin). Click on the image for a larger picture.

[LOR letter]

In its heyday, it was a wonderful way of viewing the activities along the docks, and the company promoted this tourist aspect of its operations.

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I took photos of

The company issued a guide to the line. The following picture is by courtesy of Richard Jones.

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Some staff were issued passes so that they could travel on the line, when on company business. The following picture is by courtesy of Alfred Lewin.


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