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This was the most photographed station on the system: Pier Head. I suspect it was also the busiest. Not only were the ferries within walking distance, there was also a large tram terminus where many routes converged.

The style of Pier Head was typical of stations on the system. The general appearance of the outside (two covered staircases) can still be seen on at least one station in Chicago, which occasionally shows up on the TV series "ER".

[Pier Head Station, exterior] n32_4_2

A steam-powered freight railway, serving the docks, ran under the Overhead Railway for much of its length. Here, it can be seen under Pier Head station. To us, it would be disconcerting to come down the steps from a commuter train and stand at the curb/kerb while a freight train ran down the street, but I suppose that it seemed perfectly normal at that time and place.

All the candy stores and newstands were closed in this picture, which was taken on a Sunday morning.

[Pier Head Station, underneath] n32_4_3

Here's another view under Pier Head station. On the left are the stairs going up; the shed-like structure on the right is the ticket office, with an illuminated sign "Book Here". This wording harks back to the early railways, which followed stage-coach practice: if you wanted to travel, your name was entered into a book, rather than issuing you with an anonymous ticket.

[Pier Head Station, underneath] n32_4_6

The Liverpool Overhead railway tried to drum up tourist business, as these posters show.

[Pier Head station, posters] n32_5_1

The next photo is of the platforms of Pier Head station (location confirmed by J. Rigby).

The train entering the station is made up of cars that were rebuilt after WWII, with a smooth outside appearance rather than of tongue-and-groove wooden siding.

[Train entering station] n32_2_4

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