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When we opened the windows of our hotel room, Eufron said "That's a farm smell", so the next day I walked around the village. There was a smell of farm because there was a farm - with a sign, milk 24hours a day. I continued my walk to the no. 3 tram turnaround, back past the church and the local school, past the back of hotel and the large sign "Night Entrance" in English and German.


Breakfast, bus to MuseumStrasse, no. 1 tram to funicular, up funicular to plateau. At bottom was a large round building. We talked to another couple (from NZ) at the top funicular station. They said it was a panorama of the big battle of Bergisel (at the other end of tram line 1) in 1809, against the Bavarians, but was very very very hot inside, so we did not go. After descending the funicular, we took no. 1 to the end of the route (to Bergisel), and waited for the no. 6 to Igls.

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image 1074_05
The church at Amras, Innsbruck
Photo 1074_05 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_07
View from the window of our hotel in Amras: the local volunteer fire department.
Photo 1074_07 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_25
The Hungerbergbahn funicular in Innsbruck. The ascending car is about to cross the river.
Photo 1074_25 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_24
Hungerbergbahn funicular: descending car coming to rest at the lower station.
Photo 1074_24 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_23
Crossing the river, Innsbruck, on the Hungerburgbahn funicular
Photo 1074_23 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_21
The gondola which rises up from the Hungerburg plateau, Innsbruck
Photo 1074_21 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_20
The no. 1 tram on its terminal loop at the foot of the Hungerburg funicular, Innsbruck
Photo 1074_20 on 20 Jun 2002

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