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Stubaitalbahn to Fulpmes

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Stubaitalbahn to Fulpmes

On returning to Jenbach we went back to Innsbruck and were toying with the idea of going to Igls or such when a tram-train rolled in past the tram-stop in front of the station. Then came a tram with STB (Stubaitalbahn: up the Stubai valley) as its destination. So we boarded, found that our Innsbruck tickets were not valid, bought day passes for the STB, and sat back and enjoyed the ride, along the regular tram route through town.

At the STB's own station on the edge of town the line diverges from the city tram-tracks through a barrier and immediately starts climbing up. It winds and turns and zig-zags and goes through tunnels to climb to 936 metres above sea level at Fulpmes. There are walking trails and lakes along the route. The line terminates at a proper station with Bahnhof cafe, where I got a small bottle of soda-wassser at an exhorbitant price, but it was worth it. The cafe tables were crowded with older people who had been enjoying the beer, I think, and the company.

We boarded the returning tram, and it was just as well that we did, because not only did that group board, but the tram-train - the "Nostalgiebahn" oldtimer train - one motor car and two trailers - and, in town, a van for bicycles - rolled in, and its passengers also boarded our vehicle.

The car was loaded. On the way down, local people boarding were surprised - and I think annoyed - to find it so full. The group were laughing and joking. One of them got into the little cashier-cubicle that used to be used for fare collection by the conductor, and asked each entering passenger for his/her pass - and then revealed the joke. All were laughing - except the passengers who had been fooled. We got off in MuseumStrasse, to get no. 3 back to hotel.

However, we got off before the hotel, to have a look at IKEA. In Canada, Ikea no longer sells fabrics, but Eufron wanted to find out whether Ikea/Austria still sold them.

Looking out of the side doors (emergency exit) from Ikea, I could see the rain pouring down - it must have started just after we entered the store. But when we left the store, to catch the next bus to the hotel, we could see that it had apparently rained on one side only of Ikea! The ground on the other side was still dry.

We ate in the hotel dining room - schnitzel.

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image 1073_11
Tiroler church, see from STB tram
Photo 1073_11 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_10
Fulpmes: upper terminus of Stubaitalbahn, Innsbruck: tram ready for departure
Photo 1073_10 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_08
"Nostalgie" tram-train arriving at Fulpmes, Stubaitalbahn, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_08 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_09
Fulpmes: upper terminus (900 metres up) of Stubaitalbahn, Innsbruck: tram ready for departure
Photo 1073_09 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_07
Trailer cars of "Nostalgie" tram-train at Fulpmes, Stubaitalbahn, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_07 on 19 Jun 2002

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