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Bergisel to Igls

Eventually it did arrive: it was the Nostalgie train: motor car, 2 open trailers, bike van. We boarded one of the trailers and went the whole way to Igls. The coolest place to ride was on the open platform of one of the trailers.

When we got to Igls, Eufron sat down at the Bahnhof cafe and ordered beer right away - for her & me, mostly me.

I walked around, to the village, where milk was dispensed 24 hours a day from a coin machine hidden in a cupboard on the street, walked up to the chairlift, and walked back. In the park at the terminus there is odd art made of wheels etc. We sat and ate fruit, and waited for the next tram, which according to the schedule, would be the Nostalgie train again. But the Nostalgie train did not follow the schedule; its replacement was a single-ended tram. It got very hot indeed in this one car, going down the mountain into Innsbruck.

Back in town, rolling through the streets, a young man boarded at a stop. He had no shirt, and had a dog and a large bag. The dog was a German Shepherd: not a puppy, but not yet a grown dog. It mostly responded to its master's commands, but it clearly was an adolescent and wanted to be up and exploring.

The man pulled a dish out of his bag, placed it on the floor adjacent to his seat, pulled out a 2-litre bottle of water, and filled the dish. The dog lapped eagerly, then went to move on - and stepped on the edge of the dish. It tipped, sending the water flying, right up the skirt of a woman sitting in front of the dog's owner. Her skirt was soaked!

She was clearly not pleased, and vented her feelings to the man. However, he definitely did not apologize, and she was even more displeased when the dog started sniffing up her legs!

We ourselves alighted at Museum-strasse, took the C bus to the DEZ store by IKEA, and found it to be a shopping centre. We discovered a restaurant, and had great salads. Eufron's was HUGE, shredded meat and cheese. Mine was large too! Back at the hotel, we finished the wine and soda, and walked around the village as it was getting dusk.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image 1074_18
Pouring concrete for new track on the no. 3 tram route, corner of Museumstrasse, Innsbruck
Photo 1074_18 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_17
Nostalgie tram-train at Bergisel (end of no. 1 tram route) on the no. 6 (Igls) route
Photo 1074_17 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_16
Nostalgie tram-train at Bergisel (end of no. 1 tram route) on the no. 6 (Igls) route: note bicycle van at end of train
Photo 1074_16 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_15
Eufron inside 4-wheeled trailer tram
Photo 1074_15 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_14
Nostalgie tram-train at Igls
Photo 1074_14 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_13
Trailers and bicycle van of Innsbruck Nostalgie tram-train at Igls
Photo 1074_13 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_09
24-hours milk outlet, Igls
Photo 1074_09 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_12
Sculpture made from wheel and rail, Igls terminus, Innsbruck no. 6 tram
Photo 1074_12 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_11
Sculpture from bits of exhaust system, Igls terminus, Innsbruck no. 6 tram
Photo 1074_11 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_10
Waiting for the tram: terminus of Igls line, no. 6, Innsbruck
Photo 1074_10 on 20 Jun 2002
image 1074_08
No. 6 tram arriving at Igls
Photo 1074_08 on 20 Jun 2002

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