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Jenbach and the Achensee

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Achensee & Achenseebahn

Breakfasted at our hotel in a pleasant room, with breads, meats, cheese, cereals, juices, coffee.

To the Hbf by bus and bus, booked seats to Jenbach (with our Vorteils cards), and caught an earlier train than we expected. However, it was 10 min late leaving, Jenbach next stop. On the way, we ate up the strawberries that Eufron had bought in the store. I laid a newspaper across my lap to absorb the juice. Across the aisle was a small boy with (I think) his grandfather, also going to Jenbach. With the grandafather's approval, Eufron offered him a strawberry. I leaned forward to give it to him, the newspaper tipped up, and the juice that had NOT been absorbed by the shiny advertising pages poured off into my bag, falling on my Tilley hat in the bag! I had pink stains from then on.

At Jenbach we bought "Romantik Duo" tickets for train and boat.

The little steam locomotive huffed and chuffed up the rack rails to the summit, then the engine ran around to the other end of the train so it was pulling not pushing, and we continued on to the boat pier on non-rack track.

There are two "steamers" on the lake. We elected to go on the boat that was at the pier though it was smaller and had no lunch facility. We took seats on the port side, in the shade of the upper deck, and had a wonderful boat ride to the lake head. (Achenseehof???) We decided to stay on board and go right back rather than alighting and waiting for the next boat, as there was nowhere in the shade near the pier. We did switch to the starboard side of the boat.

Arriving back at the pier where we started off, I went in to the snack bar and asked whether they did wine spritzer. "Yes" was the answer, so I asked for two, and was asked "Red or white wine" so we had white. Then we had ein strudel mit zwei gabeln (two forks). The train meanwhile had chuffed in, and we boarded an open coach, which promptly filled up with people from the tour we'd encountered on our trip up the lake. One couple was from Anglsey who told us about their train trip booked through .

When we got back to Jenbach, the Zillertal train, on the other side of the station, was getting ready to depart. This also had a narrow-gauge locomotive, but it was a large, heavy-duty machine.

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image Fuji0023
OBB Cityshuttle train, Innsbruck
Photo Fuji0023 on 18 Jun 2002
image 1073_12
Achenseebahn loco at Jenbach
Photo 1073_12 on 19 Jun 2002
image Fuji0024
Achenseebahn train, Jenbach
Photo Fuji0024 on 19 Jun 2002
image Fuji0025
Wheelset of Achenseebahn train, Jenbach
Photo Fuji0025 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_14
Interior, Achenseebahn
Photo 1073_14 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_15
Achenseebahn train on the upper adhesion section of track
Photo 1073_15 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_16
Achenseebahn train ready to head down from the boat dock
Photo 1073_16 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_24
Picking up the token (the staff) on Achenseebahn
Photo 1073_24 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_20
On the Achensee boat
Photo 1073_20 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_21
Achenseebahn train pulling out from the boat station
Photo 1073_21 on 19 Jun 2002
image Fuji0026
OBB Diesel loco, Jenbach
Photo Fuji0026 on 19 Jun 2002
image Fuji0027
Zillertal train, Jenbach
Photo Fuji0027 on 19 Jun 2002

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