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Hotel in Amras

The train from Salzburg was the "Transalpin", from Vienna to Basel via Zurich, and it was AIR-CONDITIONED. I helped a couple of old ladies with their bags. Both very appreciative, and the second bade me wait then she pulled out a can of beer and gave it to me! En route we each consumed a roll and blue cheese and ham which we'd bought near Mirabell-platz in Salzburg. Also a peach. Views from the train (which went through Germany) fitted my preconception of the Tirol. Meadows leading up to the tree line. Alpine houses on their own, high up on the slopes (Heidi-style). Cows, a rushing river (the Inn).



A Tirolean hotel

At Innsbruck, it was stinking hot, but we went to the local information office and got a current list of hotels. Eufron had the idea of going to a hotel a little way out of town, and the agent gave us tram/bus directions. "Take the no. 3 tram" she said. and told us where to buy a day pass. She also gave us (when I asked) a tram/bus map. Now the city map is one you have to pay for: but the tram/bus, with street map, is free! I went to the smoke-shop, and found the "day" pass was indeed a 24 hour pass, so I bought two - one each.

But the no. 3 tram stop had signs up. I got a local to translate: THERE ARE NO No. 3 TRAMS! There's a replacement bus service, which we took to Sillpark where we changed to the C bus - but the C route splits, and it was NOT the branch the agent told us. The bus driver recognized the picture of the hotel we wanted, and the bus took us to the door. The hotel did have a room for 3 nights, so we booked in. It's a Tiroler hotel, in what was a little village, but the suburbs and IKEA and the autobahn have grown up around it. (Village of Amras, near the Schloss AMBras).

After we had booked in, and cleaned up, we used our passes to go back into town to find out about a little train we'd been told about. You do have to ask the right questions, but we did find that it was the Achenseebahn out of Jenbach, the next major station along the line. Then off to Museum-strasse to the Innsbruck information office, who also directed us to the IVB (local transport office). There was a little Billa store close by, so we bought rolls and cheese and we still had ham left from lunch. And a bottle of white wine - about 2.Euro. At the hotel we asked for ice and got a wine-cooler full! So we drank half the wine as spritzers, and later to bed.

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image Fuji0022
Deutche Bundesbahnen train, Innsbruck Hbf
Photo Fuji0022 on 18 Jun 2002
image 1073_06
Our hotel at Amras, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_06 on 19 Jun 2002
image Fuji0028
Our Tirolean hotel in Amras, Innsbruck. We had a corner room, one floor up, at the corner in view.
Photo Fuji0028 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_01
A house in Amras, and horse/cattle trough.
Photo 1073_01 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_02
House at Amras, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_02 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_03
Modernized barn, Amras, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_03 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_05
Cattle-trough and farm, by our hotel in Amras, Innsbruck
Photo 1073_05 on 19 Jun 2002
image 1073_04
The bus that replaced the no. 3 tram, at Amras terminus
Photo 1073_04 on 19 Jun 2002

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