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From the Orangerie we went to the tourist booth at Mirabellplatz and signed up for city and lake/mountain tours, then took off to look for lunch. This time we knew where to look for the Greek restaurant but knew it was closed on Sunday so went to what seemed to be the restaurant for locals in that area. We were I think the only non-German-speaking people there. Some of the customers were in near-traditional Salzburger dress. We each had the set meal (tagesmenu) which was light beef soup with very fine noodles, mixed salad, turkey schnitzel with rice and cranberry sauce, followed by chocolate ice-cream with cream, and a wafer. It was all delicious and all for 10. We had to leave to make sure we got to the tour bus on time, but it was no problem.



It was a mini-bus tour, four Americans and us: two were on a year in Cambridge. Weather was not good, but lakes and mountains were beautiful, but not more so than many we have seen. We really are spoiled. However, there are many lovely little villages, though again they have been touristified. Pleasant boat ride across Wolfgansee to St Wolfgang. Saw the White Horse Inn of the opera of that name. The area was originally Celtic: the current name root (Salz) has the meaning "salt". We returned around the lake via Halleinn. The Welsh for "salt" is "halen". We also went through Abersee, as in Aberystwyth and Aber- everything else in Wales.

From there on it POURED with rain. The minibus stopped for us to see the Sound of Music church in Mondsee. We were dropped right at the hotel by tour driver: the other tourists were impressed that scruffy us were at the Sheraton.

Supper was cake and apples and we fell into bed: Dewi with all clothes on. Woke up in night and got undressed, and fell right back to sleep..

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image DSCF1322
The house where Mozart's mother was born. His sister later lived here
Photo DSCF1322 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1323
St. Gilgen, where you get the boat for the Wolfgangsee.
Photo DSCF1323 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1324
Boat station in St. Gilgen, Salzkammergut
Photo DSCF1324 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1330
The Schafbergbahn boat dock, Wolfgangsee.
Photo DSCF1330 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1331
St. Wolfgang
Photo DSCF1331 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1334
St. Wolfgang: the classic car (? Renault?) drives away.
Photo DSCF1334 on 16 Jun 2002
image DSCF1335
Mondsee Cathedral in rain. This was used in The Sound of Music as the church where Maria & von Trapp married.
Photo DSCF1335 on 5 Jul 2002

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