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Salzburg: City & Fortress tour

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City Tour

Eufron got up early next day and did some washing. Apples and cake for breakfast. Walked to Mirabellplatz to get city tour: just us two on the tour.

Our guide seemed to have a pre-recorded spiel: non-interactive. Took us around all the places that we'd already discovered in the right bank, then up the Monchberg on very narrow roads and lanes, where we had to back down once and a truck backed up, once: then off through the old town and to Hellbrun. We had 20 minutes where Dewi walked around and decided that Maria Theresia's yellow was too strong a colour. Hear shouts from the wasserspiel area.

Back to Salzburg to the courtyard of the fortress, where he dropped us with tickets for the funicular and entry to the fortress. Up we went, looked around, beautiful views, also views of funicular, also private funicular for carrying materials up there. Then down: found it very hot indeed. We walked slowly out of the courtyard, through the university buildings area, dodging students on bicycles, and sat at the nearest cafe at a table on the pavement for beer, gulash soup (Dewi) and small salad (Eufron). THEN started walk back to hotel. Slow, many pauses in shade. Tried to walk always in the shade. Back to hotel and fell onto beds with air-con on, though it was not operating strongly.

Later that day

Dewi went out to explore. Looked into St. Sebastian's churchyard where Leopold and Konstanza Mozart are buried, to Spar supermarket to purchase buns, wine and soda water. Found it too too hot, so back to hotel.

Much later walked out again to the Greek restaurant and found it sported a sign that was is closed ("at peace") until September, so went to same restaurant as yesterday and had grillkotellet (Eufron) and spaghetti (Dewi) with coffee.

Walked back to hotel, slowly, past Marklin train store and sewing stores.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image DSCF1338
Salzburg, seen from tour bus on the Mönchsberg
Photo DSCF1338 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1339
Salzburg, seen from tour bus on the Mönchsberg
Photo DSCF1339 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1340
Salzburg, seen from tour bus on the Mönchsberg
Photo DSCF1340 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1343
Statue at Schloss Hellbrunn
Photo DSCF1343 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1344
Schloss Hellbrunn, in Maria Theresia yellow, Salzburg
Photo DSCF1344 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1346
Mill-stream at Schloss Hellbrunn
Photo DSCF1346 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1349
View of Salzburg from the fortress
Photo DSCF1349 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1350
The "private" funicular used to bring materiel into the fortress (Festung) in Salzburg
Photo DSCF1350 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1351
Apartments inside the fortress, Salzburg
Photo DSCF1351 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1352
Eufron inside the fortress, Salzburg
Photo DSCF1352 on 17 Jun 2002
image DSCF1353
Funicular car ascending to the Fortress (Festung) above Salzburg
Photo DSCF1353 on 17 Jun 2002

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