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Barcelona 1956: trams, trains, trolleybuses, buses, a monorail and a funicular.


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Date/Time: August, 1956.

Barcelona was entirely different from France or Switzerland, the only two foreign countries I had previously visited. For one thing, the sunlight was so strong: the contrast between light and shade was immense. And somehow, even the older buildings looked
new-ish: in Britain, even the newer buildings soon got to look old.

And the language was something I had not encountered before: in France and in Switerland I'd been able to get by with the smattering of French that I'd learned at high school. In Barcelona, I had to resort to a phrase-book: though I did manage to communicate with a boy on the beach, both of us using French as the lingua franca.

There was a tramway network (two gauges and three colours of trams), trolleybuses and buses, a rudimentary Metro, and steam, diesel and electric trains, not to mention funiculars and a monorail. I was in heaven!

I took photos of

Taking a photo freezes a moment in time. What happened to the vehicles after that moment? Sr. Ariņo Plancheria of Barcelona has provided photos of some of them in their later years.

The month and year shown for each photograph is correct, though the day may not be completely accurate.

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