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Barcelona 1956: Buses


Actually, I only photographed one bus. It was double-deck bus no. 487, on L route at C. de Balmes/Av. del Tibidabo. It looked remarkably like the mirror-image of a British bus.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

  • Harry Valentine [10]
  • Sr. Albert Gonzalez [2]
  • Sr. Ariņo Plancheria (Barcelona)[8]

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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Double-deck bus no. 487 [2] from the second ACLO batch numbered 475-494, on L route at C. de Balmes/Av. del Tibidabo, Barcelona  [8] [Photo of re-bodied bus] [10] AEC supplied the model Regent Mk 3 and Regent Mk 5 to several operators in Spain and Portugal. The design of the AEC engine allowed for the cylinder block and head to be reversed on the crankcase, allowing AEC front-engined half-cab buses to be operated in either left-hand or right-hand drive countries.
 Photographed on  1956-08-28


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