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Vienna: Grinzing

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Another thing that visitors traditionally do is to drink “new wine” at a “heurigen”, an inn that is licensed to sell the new wine. There are several places around Vienna that have heurigen, but one of them Grinzing, is on a tram route. Back then we went to the Schottentor and got a 38 tram, at the lower level of the Schottentor interchange station, all the way to Grinzing.

Grinzing is consciously old-worldly like Niagara on the Lake but it's charming anyway. We walked up the hill looking at the baroquish buildings. It was very very hot and we got very very hot, so we slipped into the Beethoven Heuringen and (horrors) Dewi had a BEER while Eufron had the obligatory spritzer. The beer was ok but the wine was too sweet.

When we’d cooled down, it was back again to Schottentor, onto the 44 tram, and then we decided to go to the end of the line and back. Unfortunately the tram didn’t go quite to the end of the route: the driver was not returning as it was the last run for that tram. Instead, he tried to be helpful and took us to the nearest 43 tram stop, which he thought would take us to our hotel.
After he and his tram were out of sight, we sneakily took a 43 the other way and picked up a 44 at the real end of its line.

Then back to the hotel, exhausted. Too tired to eat supper, we fell into bed.

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image DSCF1286
Grinzing tram terminus
Photo DSCF1286 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1294
Tram on 38 route at Grinzing tram terminus. The first Baroque tram-station that I've seen.
Photo DSCF1294 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1287
Eufron in front of Heurigen, Himmelstrasse, Grinzing
Photo DSCF1287 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1289
Another Heurigen at Grinzing
Photo DSCF1289 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1292
Eufron quaffing spritzer, Beethoven heurigen, Grinzing
Photo DSCF1292 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1293
Dewi drinking (gasp!) beer at heurigen, Grinzing
Photo DSCF1293 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1295
trams on routes 10 and 44 at terminus, north of Alserstrasse
Photo DSCF1295 on 13 Jun 2002

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