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The Prater and Ferris Wheel

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One of the things we just had to see in Vienna was the giant Ferris wheel that appeared in “The Third Man”. This seemed as good a time as any, so it was back on the tram as far as Mozartplatz and from there, took tram to Schwedenpatz to get to the Prater. (The Prater is a park: the Ferris wheel, the Reisenrad, is in the Prater).

But at this point I chickened out, thinking that I might have the wrong route, and we took the Ubahn for two stops. This turned out to be a real metro train with wide cars and high level platforms. At the Praterstern station I had to ask directions from an amused inspector who pointed us through the station to the other exit, from which we should be able to see the wheel. And we did.

Going through the station we bought a package of rolls and nice Brie cheese for lunch which we ate in the Prater park.  I rode the Ferris wheel while Eufon watched from the shade.

Then took the 21 tram back to Schwedenplatz and the no. 1 back to the opera. The opera for the next evening was almost fully booked: there were one or two seats high up, at the extreme side. On the other hand, there was a coach tour running to see “La Traviata” at the opera house in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, which really isn’t very far from Vienna. We decided to order tour tickets for the following day. Got the last two seats for the Bratislava trip.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image DSCF1282
Ferris wheel, Prater. It appears different from "The Third Man" movie, since alternate cars have been removed and are in the static display underneath.
Photo DSCF1282 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1273
View from the Reisenrad (Big Ferris wheel) at Prater, as the car ascends
Photo DSCF1273 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1274
The view from near the top
Photo DSCF1274 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1277
View from Reisenrad (Ferris wheel), Prater, Vienna. Wien Nord bahnhof in mid-view.
Photo DSCF1277 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1279
View from Reisenrad (Ferris wheel), Prater, Vienna. Tram on route 21 in foreground.
Photo DSCF1279 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1281
Miniature railway (Lilliput) at the Prater
Photo DSCF1281 on 13 Jun 2002
image DSCF1285
Trams on 21 (Prater) and 1 (Ring) routes, at Schwedenplatz
Photo DSCF1285 on 13 Jun 2002

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