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The bus at 3:20pm took us to the station: from there we went shopping but bought very little. Back to the station and we boarded car 1009 bedroom `C'. The porter was most helpful.  At Edmonton, at 10:30pm, we had to change to car 1012 bedroom `A', because the other car was on the Toronto portion of the train. This time the porter was most UNhelpful. We had to carry our possessions and children right through a bingo game.

On the train, crossing the prairies, Peter & Siān coloured CN books, supplied by the dining car staff. We were at Winnipeg for 3:25pm, where we looked at Main St. We had plenty of time while the cafeteria car was exchanged for another one: the old one had caught fire. After supper we went early to bed. We were going to lose an hour due to the time zones.

Saturday July 25: On the train - a very long day. Across northern Ontario we had very bumpy track.  At 1:05pm, at Capreol, the train was split into Montreal and Toronto sections.

At 10:45pm standard time, 11:45pm daylight saving time, we arrived into Montreal's Central station. At this point we discovered that Dewi's hat had been left in the Toronto section of the train! We took a taxi to home  and bed.

Not strictly part of the journey: but next morning we got up early and fetched Colin as early as possible.

image A033_10
Eufron, Peter & Sian on Main St. Winnipeg. It is just possible to see, in the distance, an orange-coloured trolleybus.
Photo A033_10

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