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We caught the 3p.m. bus to Victoria. It drove on to the Queen of Vancouver at Tsawassen. On the voyage, we saw a whale (a small one but it was identified as a whale) surfacing and diving in the channel between the Gulf Islands. The seagull were very amusing: there was a whole line of them on the davit of a lifeboat. As one landed at the top, all the others moved down, eventually knocking the lowest bird off its perch. We were intrigued to find that our route took us across the international boundary, so that technically we had been in Washington State.

In Victoria, the bus dropped us right at the Empress Hotel. Peter and Siān were very impressed with the place: they had their very own room, with their very own telephone, waste paper basket, radio (which didn't actually work), and five ashtrays each with a book of matches. We dressed and dined in the main dining room, with an organist playing during the meal. Afterwards a band played for dancing. Eufron and Dewi made one circle around the floor, which thrilled Siān but not Peter.

image A030_03
Ferry to Victoria, passing tip of Galiano Island. Since that time, we have passed this point several times!
Photo A030_03
image A030_06
Ferry to Victoria: gull in flight. The gulls could glide in the slipstream of the boat, somehow getting sufficient lift to stay up and stay with the boat without moving their wings.
Photo A030_06
On Saturday July 18 we were up early for a long tour of the city and the very beautiful Butcharts Gardens; we also came to Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada Highway. Interested to see red double-decker buses in Victoria. For lunch we had chips, ham sandwiches, hamburger and cheeseburger. Note: on the West Coast, soft drinks are "pop" and french fries are "chips".

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