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It was cold and wet.

We started off with hot showers in the hotel - there were none on the train of course.

We were too late to take the bus tour of the city that morning, so we postponed it to the following day. Then we took the trolleybus to Stanley Park and fed Smarties to the ducks. For lunch we had french-fries in Woolworths. Peter bought a Dinky-toy car-carrier. Siān bought a Barbie doll in H.B.C. (they used their own money saved up for this trip). Barbies were quite new at that time.

After lunch we took the bus tour (prepaid, of course) of the Capilano Canyon and Cleveland Dam. The suspension bridge is 490 ft above sea level with a 300 ft drop. Dewi went half-way across to the centre (and back!). The children were thrilled to see real totem poles.

Back at the hotel, we had dinner in the cafeteria: fish and chips. We phoned home to check that all was well with Colin.

After dinner Dewi took Peter and Siān to the public library: they were thrilled with the huge section devoted to children's books. Then back to the hotel, where they were seen to be playing "elevators" with the bathroom door: "Up please", "Down Please". It was quite late when we finally got to bed!

image A029_13
Vancouver: preserved steam loco (4-4-0) in Kitsilano Beach parking lot. The loco is now in the Roundhouse Community Centre, north side of False Creek. (info from D. Freeman)
Photo A029_13 on 16/07/1964
image a029_15
Vancouver: Haida village (exhibit?)
Photo a029_15 on 17/07/1964
Next day, up early to take the bus tour of Vancouver. We had a good guide. We stopped at Prospect Point - Stanley Park, the Lions Gate bridge, and saw the university buildings, Marine Drive, the Queen Elizabeth Arboretum where we looked at the flower gardens in a quarry. Back on board the bus, the children asked "Can we go to sleep now?".

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