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11 June to 25 June 2002

It was to have been a side trip. We were going to visit England so that Dewi could learn to drive an electric tram. However, we decided to use frequent flyer points for the airplane tickets, as it would be high season for transAtlantic crossing. Now Aeroplan allows you one stopover when flying on points: either on the way to your destination, or on the way back. It seemed a shame not to use this privilege, so our trip turned into a vacation in Austria, with a stopover at Heathrow on the way home!

What could we do in two weeks? We thought we'd try to visit several areas, not just Vienna. And of course, we'd do it by train.

Finally, we decided just to book a hotel for the first three nights in Vienna, and book the remainder on the way. From the Internet, we found the Donauwalzer hotel, a mid-range establishment that seemed to be close to city transit, outside the Ring but not too far away.

With all those decisions, we set off. The first thing we noticed on boarding the plane at Ottawa was how little space there was between the rows of seats! Of course, we'd just had 30 days of travelling on trains in the U.S. and Canada. "Ah," we said, "the seats are cramped because this is the shuttle flight between Ottawa and Toronto. The transatlantic plane will have more room".

We were wrong. It was just as cramped!

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