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image c0241
Funiculare Lugano-Stazione, lower (town) end.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0241 in June 1953.
image c0242
Funiculare Lugano-Stazione, lower (town) end. Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0242 in June 1953.
image c0243
Funiculare Lugano-Stazione, from upper (station) end. Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0243 in June 1953.
image c0244
Funiculare Lugano-Stazione

Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams

Photo c0244 in June 1953.
image n39_1_2
The Angioli funicular in Lugano. This ran from near the waterfront to the railway station and hotel area.

Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams

Photo n39_1_2 on 08/06/1953
image c0245
Lugano tram
Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams Photo c0245 in June 1953.
image c0246
Lugano-Ponte Tresa tram/train (light rail). SBB tracks at bottom left.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0246 in June 1953.
image c0247
Lugano-Cadro-Dino train (light rail)

Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams

Photo c0247 in June 1953.
image c0454
Open trailer car of Lugano-Cadro-Dino "light rail" line, at DinoPhotographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0454 on 10/06/1953
image c0248
Lugano-Cadro-Dino train (light rail): toastrack car. Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0248 in June 1953.
image n39_5_6
Tram-train of the LCD (Lugano-Cadro-Dino line): two motor cars with an open ("toast-rack") trailer in between, seen in Lugano.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo n39_5_6 on 08/06/1953
image n39_3_6
Railway crossing in front of the Hotel Continental-Beauregarde where my parents were staying in Lugano.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo n39_3_6 on 08/06/1953
image c0250
[Date=June, 1953] Hotel Continental & Beauregard, Lugano, where my parents were staying. This view has hardly changed in 50 years.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0250 on 02/06/1953
image n39_4_5
Passenger train of the SBB-CFF on causeway, seen from the lake near Lugano. Note the older passenger cars, and the "crocodile" loco.Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo n39_4_5 on 08/06/1953
image c0269
Swiss postal bus, Lugano

Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams

Photo c0269 in June 1953.
image c0411
Monte Genoroso rack railway: locomotive at Bella Vista Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0411 on 10/06/1953
image c0414
Monte Genoroso rack railway: at top terminal. Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0414 on 10/06/1953
image c0442
Monte Genoroso rack railway. Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams Photo c0442 on 10/06/1953
image c0443
Monte Genoroso rack railway Photographer: W.D.L.C. Williams
Photo c0443 on 10/06/1953

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