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Lucerne SBB station

Dewi Williams

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Lucerne had tracks for standard gauge trains and for metre gauge trains.

Standard gauge trains ran to Basel, Zurich and other major Swiss cities, and to international destinations.

Metre gauge trains ran on the Brunig line through Odermatt to Hergiswil (where we stayed) and Alpnachstad (where the Pilatus rack railway started) and other destinations.

For some reason, the standard-gauge area of the station seemed very gloomy, while the metre-gauge section seemed bright and bustling.

Here is a rather elderly standard-gauge 2-6-6-2 electric loco, no. 12335. I think all the tubing on the side was a heat exchanger for cooling the main transformer.

[SBB loco no. 12335] os_023

Another standard-gauge loco, a type Ae 4/7 (4-8-2) which could reach 100 km/h.

[Ae 4/7 loco] os_024

Most of the metre-gauge traffic, both passenger and freight, was handled by these Bo-Bo locos. They could be described as locos with a baggage section, or as motorized baggage cars. There is a better photo in the section about the Pilatus rack railway.

[Metre-gauge Bo-Bo loco] os_022

There were still a few steam tank engines on the metre-gauge line. Here is no. 207, a 2-6-0T, just after arriving at Lucerne.

[Tank engine at Lucerne] os_027

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