Swiss Holiday

Dewi Williams

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Date/Time: August, 1947.

In 1947 I had a vacation in Switzerland, with my mother & father, my aunt, grandmother, and cousin. Britain was still a country of austerity after World War II. The train ride across France showed some of the ruins left by war. But Switzerland was so different: Basel station was clean and bright, and even more wonderful, the train had an electric locomotive at its head. The loco raised its pantograph and there was an audible spark as the pan touched the wire. I was captivated!

We stayed at Hergiswil, near Lucerne, and used the local railways on several days. And it just happened (we discovered while there) that the centenary of the first Swiss railway was to be celebrated in Zurich during our holiday. My father and I spent the day there.

This was before I had a 35mm camera, and the photos I took were on 120/620 film, using a folding camera with a miniscule viewfinder that one had to look down into. It was very hard to keep the camera straight.

I took photos of

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