Swiss Holiday:
Gerschnialp, by Train & Funicular

Dewi Williams

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To get to Gerschnialp, we took a steamer across Lake Lucerne to Stansstadt, then a train that nowadays I think we would call "Light Rail" as far as Engelberg, and finally a funicular to Gerschnialp.

The interesting thing about the Stansstadt - Engelberg line, seen here at Stansstadt, was the electrification: it was 3-phase AC! This meant two overhead power lines for each track, and a double-sectioned bow collector to pick up power. Switch points and crossing were a bit complicated, but I didn't see any disastrous flashes or short circuits occurring.

Trains had one or more power cars and a few trailers.

[Stansstadt Station] os_028

The Engelberg - Gerschnialp funicular, seen from near the lower station.

[Gerschnialp Funicular] os_014

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