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Swiss Railway Centenary

Dewi Williams

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Somehow, we found that the centenary of the first train to run in Switzerland was to be celebrated on the 9th of August 1947, which was during the two weeks that we were to be in the Lucerne area.

My father and I made a day trip to Zurich to see the re-enactment of the first run, by a replica steam locomotive named "Limmat". This was a 4-2-0 with a top speed of about 25km/h. There were also other exhibits on display.

This is one of the latest 15 kV electric locos, type Re 4/4, decorated for the occasion, in Zurich central station.

[Loco type Re 4/4] os_015

By way of contrast, here is the replica of "Limmat" inside the train shed.

[Replica of Limmat] os_016

A poor side view of "Limmat", to show the wooden strip covering of the boiler and firebox.

[Replica of Limmat] os_018

And finally, two views of the replica train, loaded with dignitaries.

[Replica train] os_019

[Train entering station] os_020

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