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My visit was made on a week-end pass from Army training at Cattterick Camp, Yorkshire.
Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

The cliff railway still operates (see though the pier is a bit truncated.

The miniature railway is still there: see

image n35_14
Saltburn Miniature Railway: "Elizabeth". It is now privately owned and and is the world's oldest surviving internal-combustion railway locomotive (of any gauge or scale). It is having its centenary in 2009 (information courtesy of Bob Tebb).
Photo n35_14 on 29/03/1953
image n35_12
Saltburn Miniature Railway. The loco was originally named BLACOLVESLEY. The photo was taken in 1953, Coronation year, and the loco is in coronation livery of silver/gold with read, white and blue lining (information courtesy of Bob Tebb)
Photo n35_12 on 29/03/1953
image n35_13
Saltburn Miniature Railway
Photo n35_13 on 29/03/1953
image n35_16
Saltburn cliff railway: view from the bottom
Photo n35_16 on 29/03/1953
image n35_24
Saltburn cliff railway: view from the top. Note the pier in the background.
Photo n35_24 on 29/03/1953
image n35_20
Saltburn cliff railway: top station
Photo n35_20 on 29/03/1953
image n35_22
Saltburn cliff railway. The motive power was water: a car would have its water tanks filled at the top terminus, and the weight of the water would be enough to pull up the other car and its load.
Photo n35_22 on 29/03/1953
image n35_17
Saltburn cliff railway: cars about to pass.
Photo n35_17 on 29/03/1953
image n35_21
Saltburn cliff railway: the cars passing each other
Photo n35_21 on 29/03/1953
image n35_23
Saltburn cliff railway
Photo n35_23 on 29/03/1953
image n35_18
Saltburn cliff railway. Intended to be part of stereo pair but people in view moved
Photo n35_18 on 29/03/1953
image n35_19
Saltburn cliff railway. Intended to be part of stereo pair but people in view moved
Photo n35_19 on 29/03/1953

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