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Dewi Williams

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The line that ran from the Luxembourg station out to the suburbs of Sceaux and Robinson, and to St. Rémy-les-Chevreuse (A wonderful name: I did wonder whether there were goats around) was once a "real" railway that in 1932 was put under the control of the Métro. In contrast to the rest of the metro, it had overhead elecrification at 1500V.

I took a return trip to Robinson (which of course was pronounced as a French word, NOT as in Robinson Crusoe). I started at Denfert-Rochereau, a busy interchange station, rather than at the Luxembourg terminus.

[Denfert-Rochereau exterior] n15_5_3

On the surface, the exterior of the station was very quiet, with little traffic, vehicular or pedestrian. But on the platforms, there were crowds of people interchanging between the Sceaux line and underground lines 4 and 6.

[Denfert-Rochereau, platform level] n15_5_4

[Denfert-Rochereau, platform level] n15_5_5

I travelled at the rear of the train, and was able to take pictures out of the back window. You may deduce that the trains on this line run on the left-hand track.

[track, ligne de Sceaux] n15_2_6

We didn't stop at Fontenay-aux-Roses, between Sceaux and Robinson.

[Fontenay-aux-Roses] n15_3_1

The tracks entered Robinson on an embankment, and crossed roads on a couple of graceful bridges.

[Entering Robinson] n15_3_4

[Entering Robinson] n15_3_5

[Entering Robinson] n15_3_6

At that time, there was still some freight traffic at Robinson.

[Robinson, freight] n15_4_2

[Robinson, freight] n15_4_3

This view of the passenger platforms at Robinson is actually one of a stero pair that I shot.

[Robinson, passenger platforms] n15_4_5

Overall view of Robinson station: freight at left, passenger side at right.

[Robinson, overall view] n15_4_6

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