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There were still some very ancient buses on the streets of Paris at this time. Some, as in this picture at Palais-Royale, looked as though they had been built just after the First World War, not the Second.

[Ancient bus, Palais-Royale] n17_2_2

There were also more modern-looking buses, although they still had open rear platforms. (I understand that rear-platform buses are now returning to Paris, on some routes).

[Open-platform bus] n19_1_2

[Open-platform bus] n19_2_3

And finally there were buses that looked thoroughly modern, with a closed rear end, though with rear doors on both sides, as shown here at Palais-Royale.

[Modern bus, Palais-Royale] n17_2_3

[Modern bus, Palais-Royale] n17_2_5

I recently found these bus tickets in a book that I bought in Paris, at that time. The tickets are incribed "RR", i.e. Reseau Routier, or Road-transport Network, not Rail-Road.

[Bus tickets] billet

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