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Paris 1951:
the remaining photos

These are the photos that do not belong on the train, Métro or bus pages.
Some of the colour photos were on Dufaycolor: definitely a lower-resolution medium; although adequate for larger size films,
in 35mm the red-green-blue reseau (Dufay took the word from the French réseau) becomes evident.

I would like to thank Philippe ARNOULD for sending me information about many of these pictures.

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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Warning: most pictures are as-scanned.

image c0012
Something new to us Londoners: an underpass, where the main traffic flow at an intersection went under the cross-traffic. Note the cobbled surface, no lane markings, almost no traffic.
Photo c0012 on 01/04/1951
image c0013
A brightly-coloured car: we were used to black or drab colours
Photo c0013 on 01/04/1951

image c0014
View from the Eiffel Tower
Photo c0014 on 06/04/1951
image c0015
Palais de Chaillot, from Eiffel Tower. No mad-women in evidence!
Photo c0015 on 01/04/1951

image c0017
The Seine
Photo c0017 on 01/04/1951
image c0018
We were definitely unused to seeing large tubs of escargots on sale!
Photo c0018 on 01/04/1951
image c0019
The local butcher's shop, near our hotel
Photo c0019 on 01/04/1951
image c0019_a Enlargement of portion of previous photo, to show the Dufaycolor réseau
image c0020
My parents, outside our hotel
Photo c0020 on 01/04/1951

image c0022

Photo c0022 on 01/04/1951

image c0021
This is, I believe, the house where Robert Louis Stevenson stayed, in Barbizon, which styles itself  "village de peintres, Seine et Marne".
Photo c0021 on 01/04/1951
image c0023
Not the Résistance, not terrorist action, just a tree that had fallen across the road near Fontainbleau.
Photo c0023 on 01/04/1951
image c0043
Artist making a copy of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.
Photo c0043 on 01/04/1951
image n16_5_1
Motor tricycle
Photo n16_5_1 on 04/04/1951
image n16_6_6
Road fly-under
Photo n16_6_6 on 04/04/1951

image n16_1_1
Courtyard of our hotel
Photo n16_1_1 on 01/04/1951


image n16_1_2

By the Rue de Rivoli side of the Louvre, we see in the background the Saint Germain l'Auxerrois Church

Photo n16_1_2 on 01/04/1951

image n16_1_3
Rive Gauche - bookstalls. In the background, we see the Conciergerie with its Tour de l'horloge
Photo n16_1_3 on 01/04/1951
  image n16_1_4
Photo n16_1_4 on 01/04/1951
image n16_1_5
Photo n16_1_5 on 01/04/1951
image n16_1_6 The Pont au Change on the Seine, and, from foreground to background, the Conciergerie, the Tribunal de Commerce and the Hotel-Dieu
Photo n16_1_6 on 01/04/1951
image n16_2_4
Oisellerie du Pont-neuf
Photo n16_2_4 on 01/04/1951
image n16_2_5 The Pont au Change on the Seine, and, from foreground to background, the Conciergerie, the Tribunal de Commerce and the Hotel-Dieu
Photo n16_2_5 on 01/04/1951

image n16_2_6
Photo n16_2_6 on 01/04/1951

image n16_3_2

Photo n16_3_2 on 01/04/1951

image n16_3_1
Photo n16_3_1 on 01/04/1951
image n16_3_5 The Pont des Arts on the Seine, and the Institut de France
Photo n16_3_5 on 01/04/1951
image n16_3_3
Photo n16_3_3 on 01/04/1951

image n18_2_3

I think this memorial to the heroes of 1914-1918 is in Barbizon
Photo n18_2_3 on 04/04/1951

image n18_1_2
Photo n18_1_2 on 01/04/1951
image n18_1_4
Photo n18_1_4 on 04/04/1951

image n18_1_5
The Opera
Photo n18_1_5 on 04/04/1951


image n18_1_6
"Paris a 2000 Ans"
Photo n18_1_6 on 04/04/1951

image n18_2_2
Paris bus, seen on the way to Fonatinbleau
Photo n18_2_2 on 04/04/1951
image n18_2_4
? Barbizon - coach tour
Photo n18_2_4 on 04/04/1951

image n18_2_6
R.L. Stevenson's house, Barbizon
Photo n18_2_6 on 04/04/1951

image n18_3_1

Photo n18_3_1 on 04/04/1951

image n18_3_2
Photo n18_3_2 on 04/04/1951
image n18_3_3
Probably the Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux, place Louis Lépine on the Ile de la Cité.
Photo n18_3_3 on 04/04/1951

image n18_3_4
The Palais de Justice, with the Sainte Chapelle on the left
Photo n18_3_4 on 04/04/1951
image n18_3_5
Photo n18_3_5 on 04/04/1951

image n18_3_6
Photo n18_3_6 on 04/04/1951
image n18_4_1
Notre-dame, seen from the Seine.
Photo n18_4_1 on 04/04/1951

image n18_4_2
Photo n18_4_2 on 04/04/1951

Details, Notre Dame

image n18_4_3
Photo n18_4_3 on 04/04/1951

image n18_4_4

Hotel-Dieu, taken from a Notre-Dame tower

Photo n18_4_4 on 04/04/1951

image n18_6_1

Photo n18_6_1 on 04/04/1951

image n18_4_6
Photo n18_4_6 on 04/04/1951
image n18_5_6
Photo n18_5_6 on 04/04/1951

image n18_5_1

Tthe Petit-Pont and the statue of Charlemagne, taken from a Notre-Dame tower.

Photo n18_5_1 on 04/04/1951
image n18_5_2
Photo n18_5_2 on 04/04/1951

image n18_5_3
Photo n18_5_3 on 04/04/1951
image n18_5_4 Scene towards the East from Notre-Dame: the bridges on the Seine are Pont de l'Archeveché, Pont de la Tournelle, Pont de Sully .
Photo n18_5_4 on 04/04/1951

image n18_4_5
View towards the North, from a Notre-Dame tower. The Hotel-Dieu is on the left, and the Hôtel de Ville on the right background
Photo n18_4_5 on 04/04/1951
image n18_6_2 Place de la Concorde
Photo n18_6_2 on 04/04/1951

image n18_6_3

The Obélisque, place de la Concorde

Photo n18_6_3 on 04/04/1951

image n18_6_4

 A monument probably in the Jardin des Tuileries
Photo n18_6_4 on 04/04/1951

image n18_6_5
Photo n18_6_5 on 04/04/1951

image n18_6_6

We are in the Quartier du Palais-Royal, rue de Rivoli : it's the statue of Jeanne d'Arc
Photo n18_6_6 on 04/04/1951

image n19_2_5
A courtyard in Paris
Photo n19_2_5 on 04/04/1951
image n19_1_5
Photo n19_1_5 on 04/04/1951

image n19_1_6
Photo n19_1_6 on 04/04/1951
image n19_2_1
Photo n19_2_1 on 04/04/1951

image n19_2_2
Photo n19_2_2 on 04/04/1951
image n19_2_6 Champs-Elysées
Photo n19_2_6 on 04/04/1951
image n19_3_1
Photo n19_3_1 on 01/04/1951
image n19_3_2 Church of La Madeleine
Photo n19_3_2 on 01/04/1951
image n19_3_6
Photo n19_3_6 on 01/04/1951
image n19_4_1
Photo n19_4_1 on 01/04/1951

image n19_4_3
Detail of the Palais de Justice
Photo n19_4_3 on 01/04/1951

image n19_6_5

 The Pont Alexandre III
Photo n19_6_5 on 01/04/1951

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