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We moved to Montreal in 1957: a year too late for the Montreal & Southern Counties Electric Railway,
and too late for streetcars on Cote des Neiges and through the Wellington Tunnel.
But the cars were still running through Outremont and the north-east parts of the city,
and Garland terminus was still a busy interchange point.
Eufron would catch the no. 17 Cartierville car there, journeying to Ville St. Laurent.

On our second week-end in Montreal, I caught a glance of a "Golden Chariot" turning a corner downtown.
This was at the end of summer, and I resolved to ride it on the following summer. But it never ran again in the city.

I did get to ride Golden Chariots in Kennebunkport, Maine, and at the Exporail museum in St. Constant/Delson.
I've included pictures of these, and of other Montreal cars held in museums. Although the word "Car" or "Streetcar"
was used in English in Montreal, the operating company was originally the "Montreal Tramways Company".

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Warning: most pictures are as-scanned.
I'll re-scan at higher resolution, edit, crop and re-touch, as time permits.

image a005_07
Eufron at Garland Terminus, Montreal, with PCC car in background. Eufron changed here to the no. 17 Cartierville car, to go to St. Laurent High School.
Photo a005_07 on 18/09/1957
image 1001_02
Sea Shore Trolley Museum: Montreal car
Photo 1001_02 on 01/07/1996
image a005_08
PCC car 3502 at Garland Terminus, Montreal.
Photo a005_08 on 18/09/1957
image p7090019
Montreal streetcar in Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail)
Photo p7090019 on 09/07/2005
image p7090040
Almost 50 years after previous photo: Montreal PCC car 3517, Canadian Railway Museum
Photo p7090040 on 09/07/2005
image etc_001
Montreal tram on display, downtown, on occasion of Expo 67
Photo etc_001 on 05/01/1967
image a005_09
Montreal car no. 1960 turning into Garland Terminus, off Boul. Decarie.
Photo a005_09 on 18/09/1957
image dscf1371
Tour plaque on side of Golden Chariot
Photo dscf1371 on 19/07/2002
image a005_10
Green (Cartierville) car at Garland Terminus, Montreal
Photo a005_10 on 18/09/1957
image dscf1383
Rear platform of Golden Chariot, Canadian Railway Museum
Photo dscf1383 on 19/07/2002
image a005_11
Car 1688 leaving Garland Terminus, Montreal
Photo a005_11 on 18/09/1957
image p7090041
"Golden Chariot" tour car.
Photo p7090041 on 09/07/2005
image a005_12
Car 1688 on Decarie Blvd, Montreal. The tracks to Garland Terminus can be seen at the right.
Photo a005_12 on 18/09/1957
image 1000_34
Sea Shore Trolley Museum
Photo 1000_34 on 01/07/1996
image a005_13
Car crossing the Namur overpass over the CPR tracks on Decarie Blvd. Montreal
Photo a005_13 on 18/09/1957
image 1000_36
Sea Shore Trolley Museum
Photo 1000_36 on 01/07/1996
image a005_14
Car 1688 on Decarie Blvd. Montreal
Photo a005_14 on 18/09/1957
image 1001_01
Sea Shore Trolley Museum: Montreal Golden Chariot
Photo 1001_01 on 01/07/1996
image a005_15
Car 1676 at Cartierville Terminus, Montreal
Photo a005_15 on 18/09/1957
image 1001_04
Sea Shore Trolley Museum: Montreal Golden Chariot
Photo 1001_04 on 01/07/1996
image a009_11
Montreal north end streetcar speeding along a private R-o-W
Photo a009_11 on 01/09/1958
image 1001_12
Sea Shore Trolley Museum: Riding a Montreal "Golden Chariot": view looking ahead.
Photo 1001_12 on 01/07/1996
image a009_14
Montreal north end streetcar
Photo a009_14 on 01/09/1958
image 1001_13
Sea Shore Trolley Museum: Riding a Montreal "Golden Chariot": view looking towards the stern.
Photo 1001_13 on 01/07/1996
image p7090024
A similar orange Montreal tram in Canadian Railway Museum
Photo p7090024 on 09/07/2005
image p7090025
Interior of orange car, Montreal
Photo p7090025 on 09/07/2005

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