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When I was at school, I'd taken the first steps to building a model railway (but then I went into the army and had no spare time!). I enjoyed building and assembling models from components and from scratch. Years later, I still had some model bits and pieces. Here's the correspondence about one component.

My grumble
    Harrow Model Shop
    190-194 Station Road
    Harrow, Middx
    HA1 2RH

    March 27, 2003


    Some 55 years ago I purchased some 00-scale model 5-plank 
    open coal-wagon bodies from you.

    Your establishment was then in the Harrow-on-the-Hill station
    forecourt, having just moved there from the coal-yard office.

    Now I've not been one to rush into things, but since I've been 
    retired for a few years, I feel that I should catch up on my hobbies, 
    and actually assemble all the kits and parts that I have purchased
    over the years.

    When I came to add an underframe and wheels etc. to the truck
    bodies I found to my horror that there were blow-holes in the 
    plastic, greatly detracting from the appearance.

    One in particular is so bad that I feel that you should either
    repair it or replace it. I have attached photos of the flaws.

    Yours truly,
    Dewi Williams
    Ottawa, Canada

Photos of the offending item

(Click for bigger picture)
[5-plank wagon body] [5-plank wagon body] [5-plank wagon body] [5-plank wagon body]

Their reply
    To: Mr. Dewi Williams
    Ottawa, Canada
    28 April, 2003

    Dear Mr Williams
    Thank you for your letter, and we at the Harrow Model Shop are
    sad to hear that the 5 plank bodies you purchased from us did not come up to
    your expectations, we did two bodies at the time which incidentally was not 55
    years ago, because in May this year we will be 50 years old.

    The first body was a normal 5 plank and the second body was a copy 
    of a 5 plank body that got shot up by a ME 109 in Harrow Goods Yard 
    on the night of June 27th 1941, we think this must be the one you 
    got as it was our best seller. But sadly they have gone out of production 
    some 48 years ago, as no modeller in their right mind would have them on 
    his layout now  especially with the quality wagons you can purchase 
    in the shops which are ready to run.

    I have spoken to the person who sold you that one at the time by mistake,
    as he still works in the shop, at the age of 79, and he has been told 
    to check items more closely in future.

    But true to our word of a 50 year guarantee on that item, we will exchange 
    it for you, or give you the full refund of 1 shilling and tuppence  penny,
    this only on receipt of your slip and 5 plank body kit, and of course we 
    will refund full postage, or we will exchange it for a Hornby 5 plank wagon 
    ready to run with no bullet holes.

    We at Harrow Model Shop pride ourselves in having the longest guarantee 
    in the world and are very proud of this fact as most places have only one 
    year or maybe two.

    Many thanks for your letter

    Yours truly

    Phil Radley
    Head of the Mould Department

The replacement model

(Click for bigger picture)
[replacement wagon]

My thanks
    Harrow Model Shop
    190-194 Station Road
    Harrow, Middx
    HA1 2RH

    May 5, 2003


    The replacement wagon arrived today, in good condition:
    thank you also for the picture of the ME-109.

    I may say that I am very pleased by the way in which the
    replacement under your 50-year warranty was handled, 
    both because of the quality and detail of the replacement 
    wagon, and the expeditious way in which you dealt with 
    the complaint.

    I feel that the file can now be closed.

    Yours truly,

    Dewi L. Williams
    Ottawa, Canada

Model of ME109 referred to

(Click for bigger picture)
[ME109 fighter]

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