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Window on China, 1998

This miniature village in Taiwan has models of real world-famous places, mainly those in Taiwan and mainland China, as well as model trains, planes, and automobiles. The "official" English-language name is "Window on China", but the Chinese name,
xiao ren guo, translates as "Little Person(s) Kingdom" (or Little Persons Country), which is much more appropriate.

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image 1026_13
"Window on China", miniature village near Lungtan, Taiwan, whose Chinese name "Xiao Ren Guo" translates as "Little People Country". Model of container port.
Photo 1026_13 on 28/03/1998
image 1026_16
"Window on China". Model of Chiai station. The Alishan Forest Railway is also modelled.
Photo 1026_16 on 28/03/1998
image 1026_14
"Window on China". Model of expressway, with traffic.
Photo 1026_14 on 28/03/1998
image 1026_17
"Window on China". Model of walled Chinese housing compound: may be back of Forbidden City.
Photo 1026_17 on 28/03/1998
image 1026_15
"Window on China". Model of airport, with planes taxiing
Photo 1026_15 on 28/03/1998
image 1026_18
"Window on China". Model of Forbidden City, Beijing
Photo 1026_18 on 28/03/1998

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