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London: Tube trains and Tube stations

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

Hendon Central (Northern Line) tube station 
 Photographed on  1950-03-18
Northolt Station: Central Line: soon after opening of the Central line alongside the (ex-)GWR tracks. 
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
GWR 4-6-0 heading towards Paddington, photographed from the then-new Central Line platform at Northolt. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-01
British Railways Eastern Region 2-6-4T no. 67774 on the Marylebone line (now Chiltern Railways), probably at Ruislip Gardens, photographed from the then new Central Line station.
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
Ruislip Depot, Central Line 
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
Piccadilly tube station: Piccadilly line platform. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-01
Charing Cross tube station: Northern line train approaching. [30] The location is identified as the Northbound platform by:
  1. The indicator has columns for next three trains (Bakerloo had only two). From the position of the lighted line on the indicator, this train is for the "Barnet Line".
  2. This (N-B) platform is almost one continuous curve - it was a single platform 1914-1926 when trains terminated via the Charing Cross loop.
  3. The destination box on the train has 3 lines of writing (Bakerloo had only two).
  4. The floodgate equipment near the roof half-way down the platform identifies this platform (installed in case a WWII bomb pierced the tunnel under the Thames and started flooding the system).
 Photographed on  1950-09-02
Euston (Northern Line) tube platform: island platform, two tracks. The island platfrom was dangerous and scary when there were crowds, in rush hour. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-02
Euston (Northern) tube station: looking northwards into southbound tube tunnel. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-02
Euston (Northern) tube station: looking northwards into northbound tube tunnel. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-02
Uxbridge-bound Piccadilly line train at South Harrow. I'm not sure whether the white flash was caused by leakage of light in the camera, or whether it was condensation from a blast of compressed air expanding when released. 
 Photographed on  1947-08-09
Older stock Bakerloo train entering Finchley Road, southbound. This is now part of the Jubilee line. 
 Photographed on  1948-05-04

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