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London: Buses and Trolleybuses

I was brought up in an area that didn't have trams or trolleybuses. I'd encountered trolleybuses on visits to Llanelly, but London trolleybuses were HUGE (or so it seemed), and they accellerated so squickly and smoothly.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

Flat 5b, Station Parade, South Harrow. View from sitting room. Route 140 STL bus, on short run to Northolt (full route to Hayes Station). My parents' pharmacy was 2 floors below the flat. 
 Photographed on  1949-09-30
Bus, Windsor, near GWR station (castle is on the right) 
 Photographed on  1950-03-19
South Harrow: RTW57 on route 187, Northolt Road 
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
South Harrow: Bus RTW230 on route 140, Northolt Road. [34] It has the original Leyland gutter above the upper-deck rear emergency exit. These gutters were later modified to standard LT design. 
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
South Harrow at the corner of Eastcote Lane: bus [34] RT 720 on route 158 to Ruislip Lido. There is almost a complete lack of private vehicles, just public transport. 
 Photographed on  1950-01-01
54 route tram, 36 route bus, Brixton, near Perlman Bros. building. Photo taken from upstairs of tram: note "snail" in foreground. 
 Photographed on  1950-07-07
Trafalgar Road/Woolwich Road. To the right is Vanbrugh Hill. The 108a bus is ready to turn to its right into Blackwall Lane for the tunnel. The building on the right is St Alfege Hospital, ex workhouse. Now demolished and rebuilt as Greenwich District Hospital. The bus is STL 1853. 40 were especially built for the tunnel: not only did they have domed roofs, but also inward sloping upper deck pillars and steel reinforced tyres to protect them from the kerbs in the narrow tunnel roadway. This bus was removed from LT stock on 22 February 1954. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-01
Route 665 trolleybus, partial view: just north-east of Kingsway Subway portal. It is a [34] L3 type trolleybus no. 1498 
 Photographed on  1950-09-01
665-route trolleybus turning near northern portal of Kingsway subway, before heading to Canning Town. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-01
Night view of RT-type bus (RT 3203) on country route 455 at Uxbridge station. 
 Photographed on  1950-09-01
Gidea Park: bus RT3251 on Green Line route 721 
 Photographed on  1951-01-02
Low-deck bus RLH11 on route 463 in Guildford 
 Photographed on  1954-05-16
Trolleybus no. 463 on 698 route in Beresford St. Woolwich, heading to the Woolwich Ferry. The gateway is to the Woolwich Polytechnic school, which is at the back of the buildings. This whole area has been re-developed. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-01
Trolleybus 378 at Golders Green 
 Photographed on  1951-07-07
Trolleybus 378 at Golders Green: rear view. This is an experimental "Pay-as-you-enter" trolleybus. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-07
Bus RT1329 on route 158 detoured to Lowlands Rd. Harrow while College Rd. was being rebuilt. [34] This bus has an Anglesey-buit Saunders RT 3/3 headbox body. 
 Photographed on  1953-03-22
Bus RT2728 on route 114 detoured to Lowlands Rd. Harrow while College Rd. was being rebuilt. The Met. lines are behind the hoarding.  
 Photographed on  1953-03-22
Gidea Park: rear view of bus RT3251 on Green Line route 721 
 Photographed on  1951-01-02
Gidea Park: Bus RT3227 on Green Line route 721. [34] As with RT3251 in n14_1_1, it is a standard RT converted for dedicated use as a Green Line coach (in green livery of course). These buses had saloon heaters fed with hot fluid from the engine cooling system. There were two heat exchangers, under the front seats on upper and lower decks, which were only partially successful as the (unmodified) water pumps did not really have the power to pump water up to the top deck. 
 Photographed on  1951-01-02
Clapham: Tram replacement buses parked ready at what was to become Clapham bus garage. [34] The bus in foreground is Park Royal Vehicles (PRV)-bodied RTL 1021: on the far right PRV-bodied RTL 1081
 Photographed on  1951-01-06
Clapham: Tram replacement buses parked ready at what was to become Clapham bus garage and later the Museum of British Transport. [34] Left to right: PRV-bodied RTL1082, Metro-Cammel bodied RTL 974 and PRV-bodied RTL 1090.
 Photographed on  1951-01-06
Night photo of 140-route bus at South Harrow station 
 Photographed on  1951-06-06
Bus RTL 1116 on tram-replacement route 168 on Embankment near Waterloo Bridge, running on the reserved tram-track. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-25
Bus on route 140 near Western Avenue, just south of Northolt. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-25
Green Line coach (bus) on Uxbridge Road near "The Grapes", Northolt 
 Photographed on  1951-07-25
Buses on route 140 at "The Timber Carriage", Roxeth (South Harrow): Lower Road, Middle Road, & Roxeth Hill. 
 Photographed on  1951-07-25
ex-London Transport ST-type bus with destination "Ballet Montmarte" at Broads Haven boat yard, Potter Heigham, Norfolk 
 Photographed on  1952-04-10

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