The Shenfield line: 1500Vdc from Liverpool Street

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The 1935 plan for improving transportation in London was mostly concerned with London Transport trains, trams and trolleys, but it did include the electrification of the old Great Eastern line from Liverpool Street to Shenfield. It would have an overhead power supply at 1500V dc, the new standard set by the Weir report.

The advent of the second world war set back the date of completion by nearly 10 years, and in that time the plans changed so that all four tracks were to be electrified all the way to Shenfield, rather than just two of the four. Since then the line has been re-electrified, first at mixed 6.25kV/25kV ac, and then at the full 25kV throughout.

I'd ridden on the line (once) in steam days, visiting my father who was stationed at Brentwood Barracks. In high school days I made two trips: the first was on a school visit to the Stratford railway depot, and the second was a personal trip to ride to the end of the line and back. The last was on a Saturday, not a school day. Do you know how difficult it was to get a lunch-time meal in Shenfield, on a Saturday?

Image n00_18, photographed 1949-09-24

Stratford. New train at station, I think on first week-end of electric traction (1500V DC). It was on a Saturday! Note the poster about how to open the train doors. People were accustomed to slam-type doors with door handles.

Image n00_21, photographed 1949-09-24

Stratford station, London. Sentinel geared locomotive.

Image n00_27, photographed 1949-09-24

Stratford station, London. New 1500V train approaching.

Image n14_1_5, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: Pantograph on 1500V DC train

Image n14_1_6, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: 1500V DC train

Image n14_2_1, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: pantograph and guard's door of 1500V DC train

Image n14_2_2, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: detail of motor bogie, 1500V DC train

Image n14_2_3, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: detail of trailer bogie, 1500V DC train

Image n14_2_4, photographed 1951-01-02

Gidea Park: trains passing

Image n14_2_5, photographed 1951-01-02

Brentwood: shadow of pantograph on retaining wall

Image n14_2_6, photographed 1951-01-02

Brentwood: door control panel, 1500V DC train

Image n14_3_1, photographed 1951-01-02

Shenfield: GER steam loco

Image n14_3_2, photographed 1951-01-02

Shenfield: electrified sidings (a novelty at that time).

Image n14_3_3, photographed 1951-01-02

Interior of 1500V DC train, Shenfield

Image n14_3_4, photographed 1951-01-02

Wooden-sided petrol loco no. 15098 at Brentwood

Image n14_3_5, photographed 1951-01-02

Ilford: EB1 electric loco, LNER no 26510. Built by the North-Eastern Railway in 1913 but later modified.


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