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Trams: Pierhead area 

Liverpool used to have an extensive tramway system, with sections of light rail, and modern "Green Goddess" cars.

WARNING! Most pictures are raw, "as-scanned". I'll edit, crop and retouch each of them in due course.

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Tram driver, Liverpool, from inside the car 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Tram no. 204 on route 19 at Pierhead, Liverpool 
 Photographed on  1956-09-19
Tram no. 265 on route 6A, Liverpool 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Tram no. 258 on route 19A, Liverpool 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
"Baby Grand" tram 242 on route 44 on Dale St., Liverpool. This was a 4-wheeled type similar in body to the 8-wheeled "Green Goddess" type. 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Detail of tram-stop sign, Liverpool. This sign is, I believe, now in the National Tramway Museum (Tramway Village) Crich, Derbyshire. This photo and the next are enlargements from n32_4_4, shown on the Liverpool Overhead Railway page. 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Magnified detail of tram in n32_4_4, Liverpool 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19

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