Liverpool: The Mersey Railway 

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Liverpool: Mersey Railway

The Mersey Railway runs in tunnel from Liverpool to Birkenhead and area. It was electrified using a four-rail system. Electric trains from the British Railways (ex-LMS) Wirral peninsula line, which ran on a 3rd-rail system, also used the tunnel.

WARNING! Most pictures are raw, "as-scanned". I'll edit, crop and retouch each of them in due course.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

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First Class Mersey railway car at Rock Ferry Station 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Detail of 3rd rail collector shoe, old Mersey Railway stock 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Mersey railway tran, mixed old and "new" stock, Rock Ferry Station 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Mersey Railway train at Rock Ferry Station 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Rock Ferry station, Mersey Rlwy, with B.R. train. [3] This driving trailer was one of a batch of cars, known as Class 503, built in 1938 by the LMS for the section of the Wirral Railway to New Brighton & West Kirby,(then newly electrified on the 3 rail system. This made an end-on connection at Birkenhead Park with the existing Mersey Railway 4 rail system. Both Mersey and LMS stock were dual equipped so they could both run over 3 and 4 rail systems. The LMS sets normally did the W.K & N.B. lines Mon-Fri then at the weekends LMS did the Rock Ferry line and Mersey Stock did W.K. & N.B.
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Interior of underground platforms of Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Mersey Railway Station. [3] The clerestory roof stock was the original electric stock dating from 1903 and lasting until 1956. Some more "modern" stock was added to the fleet in the 1920's.)
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Exterior view, Hamilton Square Station, Mersey Railway 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19
Rock Ferry Station 
 Photographed on  1956-08-19

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