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LCBER: Penrhynside

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Penrhynside was the general area of the descent from the Little Orme crossing to Bodafon Fields, on the Colwyn bay side of the Little Orme. [19] The tarmac'd Westbound track along this section was badly overgrown with weeds etc. Towards the end, the rival (then) Crosville buses always went Westbound along the north side to the tracks on the wrong side of the road until they turned off through Craigside village towards the promenade, at the start of Bodafon fields!


[car no. 5, Penrhyn Hill]c0325

Car no. 5 [19] is nearing the summit of Bodafon Fields (Craigside) - the line continued up along the road to the real summit (Penrhynside) where it crossed Llandudno Road. Here was the old illuminated "Llandudno welcomes you" sign (still in existence). [24]The houses just visible to the right of the tram are in Craigside.

[car no. 7, Penrhyn Hill] b033

Car 7 is starting the descent, again on the Llandudno side [19] (this is about a third of the way across Bodafon fields).  


[car no. 17, Penrhyn Hill] b032

[19] This is very deceptive from the angle of the photo - but no. 17, one of the two originals, is actually
climbing Bodafon Fields having just left Craigside halt! This style of old iron fence was only along
the Bodafon fields. The house in the distance on the left is still on Llandudno promenade.


[Car no. 4, Penrhyn Hill] c0323

Tram no. 4 descending from Penrhynside [19] about one quarter of the way down
on the steep gradient towards Penrhyn Bay (and Colwyn Bay)
with the driver holding tightly on to the manual brake. .


[shelter at tram-stop]c0321

This shelter, at a stop away from the road, is in the same style as tram coachwork. 
[19] Eastbound side of the line at the foot of Penryhn hill at Penrhyn Bay. All this area is now a supermarket and housing estate! Immediately at the foot of the hill (Penrhyn Bay tram stop) the line was on reserved track north of the road.
The tram stop was followed by a crossover about half-way before the line swung left into Glan-y-Mor Road (see b036)


[No. 7, Penrhyn Hill]c0324

Tram 7 descending the Colwyn Bay side. is on the reserved track ar Penrhyn Bay (foot of the hill)
having just left the tram stop - the crossover was just to the right of the picture.
(Photo c321 was just to the left of the picture).

[No. 7, Penrhyn Hill]b034

Tram 3 descending. There is so little motor traffic!


For Comparison (1999 photo)

 [Seaton Tramway] 1050_25

A tram on the Seaton Tramway, in the general style of an LCBER ex-Bournemouth car     .

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