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There isn't a single tram on this page! It shows Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay [11] from the top of Greenfield Road - the Colwyn Bay end of the Old Colwyn extension. [19] The picture is taken from the "head of steel" at the East end of the reversing siding, where the trams used to run on the LCBER extension to Old Colwyn, a few km. from Colwyn Bay. It does show the Crossville bus which replaced the tram. Several trams did TRY to continue to Old Colwyn as the "score" marks in the tarmac clearly show! Although the trams had gone nearly 20 years previously, there were still traces of the track in 1952: for example, just to the left of the white line lane marking in photo b041.

[Old Colwyn] b041

A close-up of the paved-over rail.

[Paved-over tram-rail] b043

I also found a tramway-pole of that era, converted to support a fluorescent street-light: right in
the middle of town on Abergele Road just above Llawr Pentre and the Old Colwyn stream.
The bank was then the Westminster Bank rather than NatWest.

[Old tram-post, modern street-light] b042

[The following is from Dave Matthews, Australia].
"I used to pass that way to school every day during the fifties and I well remember the old tram poles and high tech street lights mounted on them - tram tracks poking through the road too occasionally when a pothole developed or they dug the road up.

"The picture was taken at the lowest point on the Old Colwyn route. To the east (the left of the picture) the road climbs all the way to the Queens Hotel - about 120 feet in around half a mile.

"To the west the route climbs fairly steeply past the District Bank then more gently to a summit of about 160' above sea level at the entrance to Eirias Park from where it drops very steeply - about 50' in 200 yards - down the laundry hill (that's what we used to call it anyway) to a bridge over the Nant y Groes stream: That's an average of 1 in 12, but it must have been closer to 1 in 8 on the steepest section. My father reckoned that the trams were always having trouble on the laundry hill and that was the reason they closed the Old Colwyn extension.

"From the bottom of the hill it was a straight run to the top of Greenfield Road from where photo b041 (above) of the Old Colwyn extension was taken. "

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures.
Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets: my apologies to those people
who sent me information before I instigated my attribution system!

  • [11] Dave Matthews

  • [19] John Bird           

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