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LCBER: Gloddaeth Street

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Gloddaeth St. connected downtown Llandudno with the West Shore, gradually changing from a town street
with hotels to a broad, divided boulevard with a wide central island. Here is car no. 19, the first of the
four toastracks, heading west along Gloddaeth St., nearing the end of its run at the West Shore.

[no. 19, Gloddaeth St.] b012

Half-way along Gloddaeth St. was a passing loop. Toastrack car 21 is passing an ex-Bournemouth car.       

[passing loop] b019

Towards the downtown area, Gloddaeth St. had several hotels. Patrons had to be careful where they parked,
lest the car bumper got in the way of a passing tram! The toastrack trams were very popular
in summer: here is no. 20 going past a hotel.

[Gloddaeth St.] b018

There was double track for the turn into Mostyn St. The tracks were quite widely spaced,
presumably to ensure that cars did not scrape on the turn. There was a major tram stop just before the turn.
Here is no. 14, ex-Bournemouth, loading.

[ex-Bournemouth car] b007

Even in rainy weather, some hardy people liked to ride on the open top of the ex-Bournemouth cars. One of the original cars, probably no. 17, is on the left, heading towards the West Shore.

[corner Mostyn & Gloddaeth sts.] b022

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