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LCBER: Glan-y-mor Road

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Glan-y-Mor Road was once a private right-of-way for the trams, but people started to build houses in the area,
and some of these people had cars, and they started to drive cars along there. In 1952, there was a dirt/gravel road
alongside the tracks, but the spaces between the rails (is it still called the "four-foot way" even if the gauge is only 3'6"?)
were gradually getting filled in, and it was not uncommon to encounter a motor vehicle driving along the tracks.

[24] On most of the north side of the road, from the junction with Penrhyn Isaf Road, was one row of houses
with fields behind until you reached the sea. On the south side there were houses on the top section and on the bottom section, with two, maybe three, houses on the middle section. Fifty years later, it's all a built-up area.

Tram no. 15 (below) is approaching Penrhyn Bay, leaving Glan-y-Mor Road, [19] heading towards
the Penrhyn Hill ascent (before the crossover).

[ex-Bournemouth car] b035

[19] This is the Penrhyn Bay end of Glan-y-Mor Road

[Glan-y-Mor Rd.] b036

[19] Car 9 is heading for Colwyn Bay about 50 yards on from the previous picture.

[Car 9, Glan-y-Mor Rd.] c0328

[19] car 17 is virtually at Penrhyn Bay stop at the foot of the hill up to Penrhynside, having just passed the crossover.

[near Glan-y-Mor Rd.] c0327

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