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LCBER: Craigside

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If I remember correctly, Craigside was the general area between the end of the Llandudno built-up area and the top of Penrhyn Hill (translating that all into English, it becomes "the top of the top of the hill hill").
All the track here and in Penrhyside was on a private right-of-way.

Here is a long shot of an ex-Bournemouth car in Bodafon fields heading to Llandudno, seen across a field of cabbages..

[Cabbage field] b029

One of the joys of the toastracks was that you were allowed to sit alongside the driver. Incidentally, although
there were several "stops" that had shelters, this was, I believe, the only one that had the name written on it.
[19] Several of the old shelters DID have names, but many 'went missing' towards the end - souvenirs ?

[Craigside tram stop] b030

Toastrack no. 21 heading towards Llandudno, near the field of cabbages. The Little Orme is in the background.

[toastrack no. 21] c0306

A tram driver seen from inside an ex-Bournemouth tram [19] crossing Bodafon fields. The destination board is just visible at the driver's left: the "U" of "LLANDUDNO" is visible, and that is on the rear of the board, so this tram is going towards Colwyn Bay. The "original" Craigside village is ahead, and the track swings right above the driver's right hand.

[tram driver] b031

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