Noordwijk: NZH trams

We would take the tram as far as Leiden, but the line continued to Den Haag. Nowadays the NZH (North-South Holland) line would be called a Light Rail system, like an American Interurban, as it ran in the streets within towns but cut across country between towns.

Image a000_08, photographed 1957-08-10

Articulated tram, Noordwijk,coming from the final single-track section of the line (which was run by the power tram only) entering loop to pick up trailer.

Image a000_09, photographed 1957-08-10

Doorway and articulation of tram, NZH, Noordwijk.


Image a000_10, photographed 1957-08-10

Tram with trailer, Noordwijk.

Image a001_03, photographed 1957-08-10

Trailer tram awaiting power car to join it, Noordwijk

Image a001_09, photographed 1957-08-10

Articulated tram and trailer, Noordwijk.


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