Great Orme Railway, track pulleys

Dewi Williams

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This page show the pulleys that guide the haulage cable in the upper section of the funicular.

Where the track is straight, horizontal rollers are used as guides. The rollers are quite wide, to allow some variation in the path of the cable.

Rollers also guide the cable at the level crossing.

[Horizontal rollers] b056

[Rollers at level crossing] b058

Where the track curves, rollers on a vertical axis are used to ensure the cable more or less follows the curve. I don't know why rollers of differing diameters are used.

[Vertical rollers] b055

At the switch points leading to the passing loop, the running rails must be broken to allow the cable to pass through.

[Cable passing through rail] b050

While on the subject of the passing loop, the route is set by the switch lever, which is secured in a locked cage to prevent unauthorized switching. The operataion is automatic: as a car passes through in a trailing direction, the flanges on the wheels force the switch points apart and thus throw the lever, which ensures that the points are set for access in the facing direction when the car returns.

There is a large plate attached to each side of the lever, which shows the number of the vehicle that is expected next (either 6 or 7). If the operator of the car does not see the correct number, he can signal an alarm.

[Switch lever, upper loop] b051

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