Great Orme Railway, Midway point

Dewi Williams

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At the half-way point, one must alight from the lower funicular, walk past the car shed and engine house, and board the car of the upper funicular.

The tracks of the lower funicular run right through the car shed, though the cars do not normally run that far. The cables also run through the shed, as this photo shows. There is a separate track for each car, though the tracks are right up against each other. I suppose that this is to avoid having a double conduit, one for each cable. Below the passing loop, only one end of the cable is present at a time, so one conduit and one track suffice.

[lower car shed] b046: Car shed of lower funicular.

From the other end of the car shed (the upper end), the cable runs to the engine house. The channel it runs through is covered by wooden boards.

The tracks continue also,for a short distance: they diverge as though at one time they went right around the engine house. The clouds of steam are a reminder that the motive power was coal-fired steam engines. It was raining of course: Llandudno is in Wales!

[Engine house] b047: Engine house.

Inside the car shed there were various spare parts. This photo shows a set of wheels on an axle. In the centre there is a toothed wheel: probably to drive a speedometer or governor.

[Wheelset] b048: Wheelset.

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